Lauren Scott - Veterinarian


Dr. Lauren Scott graduated from Clemson University with a bachelor's degree in animal and veterinary sciences.

She went on to obtain her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Mississippi State. She is a South Carolina native, growing up in Greenville and Aiken. Dr. Scott has interests in soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, and nutrition. She's passionate about treating species of all types, staying up to date on new medical research, and being there for the pet owners as much as the animals. Dr. Scott is Fear Free Certified and hopes to one day be licensed as a specialist in exotic companion animals.

When Dr. Scott isn't working, she can often be found competitive swimming or relaxing near any body of water. In August of 2022, she will be marrying her high school sweetheart after eight and a half years together. At home, they have 3 furry, loving girls: Shadow, a black German Shepherd; Pepper, a mixed breed pup; and Minnie, a cat with lots of personality. Dr. Scott grew up bottle feeding kittens, working with farm animals, rehabilitating wildlife, and owning reptiles, birds, small mammals, and farm animals. She hopes to restart all of that after settling in here at Electric City Animal Clinic.